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CHATA Mixed Doubles Event

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Jun 25th, 2016

Junior Tennis

Why Play Tennis

There are so many benefits to playing tennis. Get your kid out on the court and watch them enjoy learning to play, staying active, making friends and feeling challenged, both physically and mentally. The way your kid learns and plays tennis today is different – equipment, courts and teaching techniques have changed to adapt to age, skill and ability, which mean kids learn better, faster, and with greater success than before. Not to mention, it makes tennis more fun.

Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of tennis go beyond great exercise. Tennis also develops:

Tennis also strengthens a child’s overall health by improving bone strength and density, and a healthy immune system. It’s also a non-contact sport, which makes it one of the safest to play.

Skills For Life - On And Off Court

Tennis isn't just great exercise. Tennis also helps kids develop skills for life, both on and off the court. Players learn responsibility and sportsmanship from a young age. Tennis nurtures work ethic, discipline and enhances mental strength and problem solving skills.

Tennis also can improve social skills. Children learn the importance of teamwork when playing doubles or being on a team. It's also a sport for life and provides you with a great opportunity to meet new people and build valuable friendships.

How To Get Involved

Tennis today is about fun, gaining new skills, being creative, building confidence, and helping children fall in love with a sport for a lifetime. You can expect your child to experience tennis in many different ways:

  1. Community/Parent Organizations -- There is a wide variety of community organizations dedicated to bringing the sport of tennis to the public on all levels. Community Tennis Associations, and local Parks and Rec offer cost-effective programming (like lessons or group activities) to communities all across the country. Generally run by a community organizer in collaboration with local volunteers, these programs are aimed at beginner to intermediate skill levels. Our Local McCluskey Tennis Center offers group and individual lessons, see the McCluskey Tennis Center Tab.
  2. Coaching -- Players can get individual or group lessons from a certified tennis instructor to help learn or develop a specific aspect of their game. Certified tennis instructors in your community are a great option to help your kid in their tennis journey. For beginners through advanced players, lessons are typically offered in a series of 6-10 classes.
  3. Junior Team Tennis -- Players who can serve, rally, and score can compete on a team alongside friends in the following age divisions: 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under, and 18 & under. Junior Team Tennis (JTT) features both coed and single gender teams and offers two tracks - fun and social Local JTT as well as a more competitive track for teams looking to compete and advance at the highest level.
  4. Tournaments -- Tournaments are a series of matches between players who compete to determine a winner(s). More tournaments are being designed to fit modern lifestyles - shortened formats and half-day events are options offered in a mix of more traditional, multi-day events. Tournaments are organized by skill level including entry level, intermediate, advanced, and national levels to ensure there is competition for every level of play.

You can find more information about USTA Junior Tournaments by clicking here.

Did You Know, Kids Who Play Tennis:

Tennis Stats

Play Days

Play Days are events designed to introduce kids to competition in a low pressure setting where results are not documented. These events provide kids with the opportunity to continue to develop and enhance their skills. For both novices and experienced players, Play Days are a welcoming way for kids to experience the social and competitive aspects of tennis.

Organized by skill level, kids have the chance to gain additional play experience through a rotation of opponents and short, continuous matches over a two- to three-hour period. Play Days promote a sense of achievement through a fun and spirited atmosphere.

Click here for more information.